Sunday, 1 March 2009


Good news! I reprint a very recent e-mail announcement from Dick Waterman:

"There is a new Son House live recording coming on Fuel 2000 in a few months. I know that you probably think you have enough live Son House but this one is different.

It was done in October, 1964, during his first national tour following his rediscovery in June of that year.

The late Pete Welding arranged for Norman Dayron to record three concerts. He brought along good professional equipment including a special microphone to pick up Son's conversation because he would slump back in his chair and speak softly.

These are basically Son's first concerts for white people in his life. His stories are funny and blues fans who know his emotional voice will be surprised that his hands were pretty quick on the guitar in 1964.

Bill Dahl is doing the notes and I'll come forth with some never seen photographs.

I think you will find this to be a more robust and stronger Son House that you have ever heard before." (Dick Waterman, Oxford, MS,

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