Monday, 23 February 2009


I'm delighted to report that a North American edition of Hand Me My Travelin' Shoes: In Search of Blind Willie McTell is to be published in hardback on September 1st, from Chicago Review Press / A Cappella. The cover design for this edition is now the version shown top centre at the start of this blog. The text will be updated right up till the end of next month, so any comments on aspects of the text will be especially welcome in between now and mid-March. The ISBN is 9781556529757. More news will follow. The price will be US$26.95.

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Anonymous said...

Mr Gray............I don't believe it...well actually yes--I do !! I remember when I was a sixth former at St Agnes's Grammar School(1972)and you were my English teacher, that word in the common room was that you had a written a book about Bob Dylan.Strangely enough I was telling my daughter(she's 20 and at Sheffield Uni)about you the other day--she loves Bob Dylan!Do you remember that American bitch of a teacher--she taught English as well-don't think she liked you too much ? I was in the same class as Betty Manning--infact I can remember one of the comments that you wrote at the end of one of her essays-strange the things that stick in your mind eh? By the way--I'm Sue Rodden(that was my name then--I had two blond streaks at the front of my hair).It's so great to see that you kept up with your writing--and so sucessfully too ! Well good luck for the future ,Mr Gray! And at last I've impressed my daughter! Cheers !