Tuesday, 9 October 2007


I'm very pleased to be part of a special event in a London pub on Sunday November 4th, from 3 o'clock onwards: namely a celebration of Blind Willie McTell and his repertoire by a number of contemporary young bands performing McTell covers. I'll be there to introduce a couple of the bands and give a few short readings from my book. The organiser, Alastair Harper, has been kind enough to name the event after the book, and has devised a highly appealing double-sided flyer - as seen above - which plays with the design of the book's cover. (So that's two kinds of cover involved in this event...)
Details are:
Sunday November 4, 3pm
Hand Me My Travelin’ Shoes: An Afternoon Of Offbeat Willie McTell Music & Readings
The Betsey Trotwood, 56 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3BL
0207 253 4285
featuring Congregation, Train Chronicles, Extradition Order, Spinmaster Plantpot, Li’l Lost Lou, The Cedars and David Cronenberg’s Wife
Admission on the door: £6, or £5 with the flyer
Alastair Harper describes these bands like this:
Congregation: Beautiful Carter Family via Zeppelin, two-souls-one-guitar-one-bass-drum-one-stunning-female-voice lineup
Train Chronicles: Lightspeed Champion member and strange Dylan/Robert Crumb hybrid
Extradition Order: Indie garage blues warriors
Spinmaster Plantpot: Cockney, diminutive rapper
Li'l Lost Lou: Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson offspring
The Cedars: Americana blues conquerors
David Cronenberg's Wife: twisted Fallish literary dorks . . .
Admirably succinct. And he adds: "It should be a really fun eclectic night and it's all being done with complete childish enthusiasm for the old style blues where the point wasn't ten minute electric solos and white men gurning about their farm back home, but the ability to pick up any old battered thing, make it an instrument and do something beautiful." Again, nicely put. See you there?

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