Tuesday, 28 August 2007


For anyone with time on their hands, and sufficient interest, there's an incredibly long interview with me online here on the website of The Generalist. It was done by John May in July. He's also included a rather awful photo of me, about which the phrases long-faced and down-the-mouth are regrettably apt.

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paul dowling said...

hi micheal..i dont know if you'v heard the two newly discovered blind willie tunes(amazing sound quality like new)john teftellers blues images calendars has released both on the free cd for the old advertisings for the race records..the tunes have never been released and he owns the only original 78.the titles are "talkin to you women about the blues" blind willie and mary willis and "merciful blues" blind willie and mary willis..they sound like they were recorded yesterday thats the amazing thing about these great recordings...loved the book "hand me my travlin shoes" great work ..if you need any more information about these two songs go to http://bluesimages.com/ and take a look at the 2008 calendar the other calendars are also an amazing bargin for blues lovers.
blues is life.
Paul Dowling.