Friday, 17 August 2007


...include these comments in their August issues:

Record Collector:
“The blues is the bedrock of popular music, and while its story has been told many times, rarely has it been told as effectively as this.”

Blues & Rhythm:
“…over the years more and more information has been discovered about this charismatic musician…but in this quite outstanding book [Gray] has discovered much, much more, making this one of the more major books about an acoustic blues musician that has been published for many years… This highly recommended book…will have a wide appeal not only to those interested in music but also to general readers, for this is a great deal more than a music book… beautifully crafted and totally engaging… The attention to detail is awe-inspiring and the lengths that Gray went to find his material should be an inspiration to any students or writers… The story begins around the time of the American Civil War and brings us right up until the present day. There are incisive and detailed descriptions of every step of McTell’s life… This [is a] wonderful book…an essential book for any blues collection…”

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