Monday, 13 August 2007


... on Saturday by Mick Brown. A good big spread using the classic 1920s shot of Blind Willie, and a review that included this:

Hand Me My Travelin’ Shoes is a vivid social and cultural history of the American South, a colourful account of Gray’s own journeys in McTell’s footsteps, and an absorbing study in the business of biographical detective-work that will engage even those with scant interest in McTell’s music… What makes this book so absorbing is Gray’s passionate engagement with his subject: his dogged attempts to conjure up the world in which McTell lived, and how he must have experienced it… A wraith at the beginning of the book, McTell emerges from this tangled thicket of clues, keepsakes, sepia photographs, shellac recordings and fading memories to take on vivid substance, a proud, independent and quietly heroic figure.”

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