Thursday, 27 January 2011


Very sorry to learn this morning of the death of Robert Tilling, whose work as an artist was much admired but whom I knew, if only briefly, through his engagement with music. He was the biographer of, but also a pupil and friend of, the Rev. Gary Davis, and thanks to his involvement in the arts in Jersey he invited me to do a gig at the arts centre in St.Helier in 2007  -  and, very generously, to have Sarah and me to stay at his house  -  a house with walls splendidly crowded with paintings, prints, lithographs and more by an amazing array of people. Robert and his wife Thelma were warm & hospitable hosts to us.

The photograph (Thelma, Bob & me) was taken during our visit.

For more information, including brief video footage, see


Cass said...

I just wanted to say what a nice photo that is, Robert was my great uncle and its nice to see one with both him and Thelma smiling.

Michael Gray said...

Thanks, Cass: I'm very glad. And thank you for bothering to write.