Friday, 8 January 2010


I've been sent the URL for the comparatively substantial interview with me, conducted by Jeff Calder for Georgia Public Radio, about Willie and my book, recorded in October and broadcast last month. For anyone interested, it's here.


JimmyC said...

How do does someone go about booking your show for a book or blues festival ?

Michael Gray said...

Dear Jimmy C
Thank you for the enquiry. Please send another Comment, telling me your e-mail address. I won't publish this but will e-mail you privately.

Michael Gray

Larry Blase said...

I look forward to hearing the radio interview once I've finished the book. Also, as a longtime Atlanta resident, I wanted to make some minor points regarding the book...Buckhead is within Atlanta city limits and isn't actually a suburb...MLK's iconic speech was "I HAVE a Dream" (not "I HAD a Dream")...and Margaret Mitchell's house is on Peachtree Street (not West Peachtree St). I'm loving the book, thanks so much for researching and writing it!