Wednesday, 16 December 2009


In Atlanta a couple of months ago, I recorded a (comparatively long) interview, conducted by Jeff Calder, about Hand Me My Travelin' Shoes and my researches into the life, work and world of Blind Willie McTell. I've just heard that it's going to be broadcast this coming Sunday. Details are here.

Now I'm back home for Christmas, and the pond in the garden is frozen this morning for the first time since winter arrived. But the sky is trying to brighten, and there's neither rain nor snow.

Meanwhile, I expect to have good news about the book to report shortly!


DonSchanche said...

Hi Michael Gray --
Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying reading "Hand Me My Travelin' Shoes." I'm a longtime blues fan, an Atlanta resident and former managing editor of Milledgeville's daily paper, "The Union-Recorder." I particularly enjoyed your encounters with old friends there -- Oscar Davis Jr., Judge Hulane George and the (now) late Bill Williamson. I was also intrigued to get a sense of Willie McTell's Atlanta geography. I now know the studio where he recorded for Victor on Forsyth Street was a short walk from the current location of the Associated Press office where I work. At any rate, thanks for all the hard work you put into researching a challenging, utterly worthy subject. By the way, I bought the book after hearing you interviewed on the radio. I think it was AM-1690, the Avondale Estates arts station. Hope I get a chance to meet you next time you pass through town.
Don Schanche

Michael Gray said...

Thank you so much for your generous comments. I hope you continue to enjoy the book. I wish I'd found you when I was still researching Milledgeville, or indeed this autumn when I was in Georgia promoting the book!

If you'd like to keep in touch, send another "Comment" giving your e-mail address. I'll "reject" the comment, so that your e-address stays private.