Thursday, 1 October 2009


Good to see, just ahead of my trip to Georgia, that the October issue of Atlanta Magazine is running a very positive review of Hand Me My Travelin' Shoes. Can't find it online anywhere and Blogger doesn't let me upload Adobe pdf files (which is the way it was sent to me), so this is the text of the review:

Michael Gray, a music historian from England, is a breathless outsider in the exotic American South in this meticulously researched exploration into the life of the great Georgia bluesman, who died in obscurity in 1959. Part travelogue, part detective story, part social history, this unconventional biography has wit and insight, which is sometimes spot on, sometimes annoying, and occasionally both. Here is Gray’s critique of small-town Southern cuisine: ‘Everything’s big and brown and heavy, except when it’s big and lurid red and heavy.’ Gray turns the dearth of documentation on McTell’s life into an entertaining story about the search itself.
(Teresa Weaver, 2009.)

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