Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I'm pleased to say that later this year I'm going to be making my third appearance at the Triskel Arts Centre in Cork. I was last there in April 2004, and it was a great, full crowd. This time I'm delivering In Search of Blind Willie McTell, illustrated with audio and photographs. 8pm, Wednesday March 25th. Details to follow, or from their box office.

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street (off Grand Parade and South Main Street), Cork
tel: 021 427 2022, or from outside the Republic of Ireland +353 21 427 2022.


Alasdair said...

Michael - received your book for a Xmas present and just got started on it last week. Just to say how much I am enjoying it - right up there already as one of my favourite non-fiction pieces of all time.

Unfortunate side effect is that I've dug out my McTell CDs which the kids really can't (under)stand - but I think it's important to be open minded to different musical genres ;-)

Michael Gray said...

Dear Alasdair
Thank you. That's a pretty positive response... and thanks too for bothering to write and tell me. My apologies to your children.

Alasdair said...


just had a coffee with a mutual friend - Rab Noakes - when your name cropped up. He says you keep in touch when you visit Scotland.

I've known Rab a good few years now and worked with him on training and also managed a small BBC Radio Scotland commission through his company (a delta blues reading of Burns' Parcel of Rogues by Dave Arcari!).

Would be a pleasure to meet you if you're in Glasgow at some point.