Sunday, 29 July 2007


This is the nugget hidden inside Will Hodgkinson's review in The Guardian on Saturday: “Hand Me My Travelin’ Shoes is a wonderful book about a spellbinding musician.

And this is from the more thoughtful review by Sean O'Hagan in today's Observer, under the heading 'The invisible bluesman, found at last…': "this [is an] assiduous work of reclamation… Gray’s wonderful book, part travelogue, part musical journey, part social history, is painstakingly researched and frequently illuminating. It brings to light not just an elusive artist but a lost world… Finally, we have a life to go with the legend.

Perhaps these account for the book's return to the no.1 slot in's Music Books bestsellers list, and for its reaching no.2 in their wider Music Stage and Screen bestsellers. No.1 here is Rupert Everett's autobiography. I wonder what he has to say about filming with Bob Dylan in 1986 for Hearts of Fire.

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angie Cox said...

If you havn't read any of Rupert's autobiography then you are missing a great deal. Thanks you gave me an idea for my blues playing husband . He seemed as confused by Dylan as you might expect but loved him. The film is one of the worst I have ever seen . Rupert makes wonderful comments like Dyaln saying "where's the toilet" was as lyrical as "lay across my big brass bed" . The love scene between Rupert and Fiona was as far as I can see a near disaster as she screamed and lept out of bed after being told he was gay .I don't remember if they got her back in . Rupert's observations on humanity are insightful and quite brilliant.